Vehicle Specs


Year: 1965
Make: Pontiac
Model: Bonneville
Type: 2 Door, Convertible

Engine: 389 cubic inches (Verified)

VIN# 262675P353065 (Verified - Matches Clear Title - No Leans)

Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive, Automatic
Miles: 76,358 + what is currently being added

Runs Great, NO current mechanical issues. (Currently being driven by owner).

Vehicle was recently inspected. No problems were found. Brakes, Joints all check out fine.

No leaks or defective parts were found, except for Power Steering Belt squeak.

Belt will be replaced this week.

Added 08/27/15 - Both Belts were replaced with new. No more squeak....

Vehicle was repainted many years ago. Finish is very good, but wasn't disassembled for re-finish, masked around chrome. Finish is Enamel Base.

Does have door dings. Appears to have been there prior to re-paint.

Body is solid. No rust. No major body work has been discovered.

Vehicle appears to have spent most of its life in doors.

Convertible Top appears to be original and in amazingly great condition and goes up and down without a problem.


Windshield is cracked and has wiper scratches and should be replaced.

Rear seat has an emblem missing and left rear BONNEVILLE emblem has a missing letter. I have both parts and both of these will be repaired before buyer pickup.


The 2012 Hagerty Price Guide Value $8,900 - $43,000

Would not take a lot of doing, to make this vehicle close to the top end.



Who am I

My name is James Miller and I own Georgia Ave Body Shop in Sheboygan, WI.

Questions regarding this vehicle may be issued through Ebay or you may contact me at work (920-458-3272)

We acquired this vehicle in exchange for repairs on a 1948 Chevy Coop.

I am currently driving the Bonneville to and from work.


I fell in love with its looks, ride and memories of my past.

I don’t really want to part with it, except my wife and I wish to move and there won’t be space for such a large vehicle. I don’t want to have to store it outdoors, especially with Wisconsin Winters. “I have more respect for it then that”

I will measure the length of the Bonneville, so the new owner can make sure the garage will fit the car.


If the new owner wishes to have the Bonneville restored, I would consider to-do this at a considerable discount. I want to see this vehicle as it was; show room fresh.


Need to see what we are capable of; checked out the 1956 T-Bird we restored.

Currently also being sold on Ebay.   eBay item number: 141750852495

Both vehicles are listed in my Ebay Store.


Owner of the T-Bird needs to sell it because she is afraid she may damage it, while driving.

Guess I went too far…..